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Please Welcome Dr. Daniel Jankowski

“After over 30 years of practicing in Sugar Land, I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Daniel Jankowski is taking over our practice beginning on July 10th, 2021.  He is an experienced and caring doctor with strong ethics who is known in the community for providing excellent care of his patients. I know you are in great hands with Dr. Jankowski and I can recommend him without reservation. Thank you for being part of my practice and for continuing to support me and Dr. Jankowski during this transition.”

Dr. Butler

Common Parts of Our Dental Checkups

To deliver a healthy and lasting smile, our office and loyal staff work to provide a convenient, family-friendly dental practice that makes life easier for you and your family. If you are a busy parent struggling to find time to schedule everyone’s appointments, we offer a convenient online scheduling option.

Every patient is unique and so are their dental needs. However, most dental visits will include the following:

Dental X-Rays Examinations

Dental radiographs, or more commonly referred to as simply x-rays, are an important part of preventive care. An x-ray can help us gain a better understanding of the overall oral health of your teeth, bone, tissue. Information obtained from these x-rays help our experienced team put together a treatment plan for each and every patient.

In-depth Dental Cleaning

A routinely-performed, professional cleaning is an important part of maintaining great health for your gums, teeth and tissues. We recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned twice a year. In these cleanings, we use high-quality tools to remove any plaque build up.

Identify Sealant & Filling Needs

Tooth decay or other types of wear is extremely common. Fillings or sealants can help preventer further deterioration and keep teeth in better condition. An important part of every dental check up is identifying areas to prevent further damage or pain.

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