Preventative Dentistry

Promoting good oral hygiene

Making sure you and your family receive good preventive dental care is the most important thing you can do for your family’s oral health — and we make it easy at Sunrise Dental.

Your team of dentist, dental assistant and hygienist will help you protect your family’s teeth and overall dental health by not only providing excellent care during your regular cleanings and exams but also ensuring that you are well informed on how to take care of your teeth between checkups. Preventative dentistry is our main goal!

While here for your cleaning and exam, we evaluate many different aspects of oral health.

In each appointment, we:

  • Conduct a complete oral exam, not only just looking at the teeth, but evaluating gum and bone health
  • Perform a complete exam of the soft tissues of the mouth and oral cancer screening
  • Provide a thorough teeth cleaning

In every other appointment, we:

  • Evaluate the health of the teeth and bone and check for decay with our low radiation, quick digital x-rays
  • Take periodontal (gum) measurements to check for pocketing

In addition to the care we provide in our office, we also help put you in control of your own dental health by

  • Teaching your family proper brushing techniques
  • Encouraging the entire family to floss regularly and teaching proper technique
  • Promoting good oral habits
  • Promoting good eating habits
  • Teaching children and adults how to protect their teeth while playing sports (mouth guards)
  • Assisting in selection of over the counter products such as toothpaste, mouthwashes, and tooth brushes

Our staff will help your family make informed decisions about fluoride treatments, and sealants for you and your children.